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Steamhammer/SPV Records Inks Deal With The Rods, March 2017

THE RODS Sign With STEAMHAMMER/SPV; 'Louder Than Loud' Album Due This Year, March 2017

THE RODS Re-Record 'Crank It Up' Single For 35th Anniversary Of Self-Titled Album, December 2015

Dio Day concert to pay tribute to Cortland rock legend, by Jim Catalano, June 2015

THE RODS And VERONICA FREEMAN Collaborate On 'Smoke On The Horizon' Single, May 2015

THE RODS at Suzy's Tavern; Video/Interview, with Veronica Freeman, by Randy of Metallic Onslaught, April 2015 (2 videos, need to scroll through to find them)

VH1 Classic: The 10 Most Criminally Overlooked Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Albums, May 2015 (#9 is Wild Dogs – The Rods, from 1982)

THE RODS at Suzy's Tavern; Video/Interview, with Veronica Freeman, by Randy of Metallic Onslaught, April 2015 (2 videos, need to scroll through to find them)

THE RODS at SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL; Audio Interview, Fan-Filmed Video Footage, June 2014

After 30 years in the music business, Canedy goes solo, March 2014

THE RODS To Release 'Great Big Fake Ones' Single, Video, October 2013

Heavy Metal Heaven – Old Bridge Metal Militia Reunion Concert – Lords Of Mercy, The Rods, Raven, Twisted Sister, Anvil, T.T. Quick – Live Review 5/11/13, May 2013

UPDATE! TWISTED SISTER Added To To 'Rock N' Roll Heaven'/'Old Bridge Metal Militia' Reunion , March 2013

ANVIL, RAVEN, THE RODS To Perform At 'Rock N' Roll Heaven'/'Old Bridge Metal Militia' Reunion, February 2013

SAMMYS XIII , November 2011

Cortland Standard - Cortland artist gets his due - Feinstein inducted into Sammy Hall of Fame, November 2011

Cortland Standard - Rocking Out on Dio Day by Anthony Borrelli, July 2011

metalminder.de - The Rods "Vengeance", June 2011

bravewords.com - THE RODS' David "Rock" Feinstein; New Audio Interview Online, June 2011

metalassault.com - The Rods: In-depth Interview With David "Rock" Feinstein (includes Audio) - by Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal, June 2011

The Ithaca Times - The Rods return with 'Vengeance - by Jim Catalano, June 2011

The Cortland Area Tribune - The Rods’ Long-Awaited CD “Vengeance” with Dio Vocal Track - posted by Dustin Horton, June 2011

Cortland Standard - The Rods return to release new CD by Katie Hall, May 2011

theweekender.com - The Rods return, May 2011

highway81revisited.com - THE RODS RETURN WITH A 'VENGEANCE', May 2011

heavymetal.about.com - Rods, The - Vengeance, May 2011

the570.com - Head-banging is back: METAL MONSTERS THE RODS RELEASE FIRST ALBUM IN 15 YEARS, May 2011

cuttingedgerocks.com - Record of the Month - THE RODS ‘VENGEANCE’, May 2011

cuttingedgerocks.com - THE RODS - Back with a ‘VENGEANCE’ - An exclusive interview with Rods drummer Carl Canedy, May 2011

stereoboard.com - Heavy Metal Greats THE RODS To Play Download Festival & Announce Brand New Album ‘VENGEANCE’, May 2011

guitarinternational.com - David "Rock" Feinstein Interview: Vengeance is Mine, May 2011

modernrockreview.com - The Rods Return with a Vengeance, May 2011

metalcovenant.com - Carl Canedy of The Rods - Interview, May 2011

metal-rules.com - The Rods - Vengeance Review, May 2011

RockOverAmerica.com - David "Rock" Feinstein Interview, May 2011

RockOverAmerica.com - Carl Canedy Interview, April 2011

blistering.com - The Rods - Threesome For Vengeance, April 2011

ROCKAAA.COM - The Rods return with Vengeance, April 2011

Classic Rock Revisited News - The Rods mentioned in news feed items, April 2011

wormwoodchronicles.com TORTURE CHAMBER The Rods, April 2011

muzikreviews.com ARTISTreviews - The Rods - Vengeance, April 2011

The Metal Minute: Album Review: The Rods - Vengeance


SLEAZE ROXX - THE RODS Vengeance Review, April 2011

The Short-But-Sweet Interview: The Rods - April 2011 - by Greg Prato

THE RODS – Vengeance > Rock & Roll Magazine - April 2011 - by Rock & Roll Magazine

Definition from The Worldwide MegaBook of Heavy Metal Bands: The Rods - March 2011 - submitted by RODS Fan Sean Weingartner (originally posted on Facebook)

Rock Tribune News Flash: The Rods - February 2011 - with photo by RODS Fan Gerrie Lemmens (we can't read the text, but maybe YOU can!)

Rods: 'Metal Will Never Die' With Ronnie Dio Is The Most Important Song - January 2011 - by Joe Matera

The Rods Announce New Album - January 2011 - by mdome

The Rods to release Vengeance - January 2011 - by Jermy Leeuwis

Feinstein's 'Beast' of a metal album - December 2010 - by Jermy Leeuwis

Hails & Horns Magazine Online - July 2010 - by Kelley Simms

Metal resurrection - July 2010 - by Michael Lello

Still Rockin': The Rods mark 30 years of making metal - June 2010 - by Jim Catalano

Classicbands.com Interview - April 2010 - by Gary James

Chaotic Riffs Magazine (Issue 9) Article - January 2010

September 2009 Interview - on "Metal To Infinity" with Stefan

BLABBERMOUTH.NET - Rods to headline Binghamton Area Metalfest, August 2009

WIXT.COM - "Hump Day" concert series extended three more weeks, August 2009

BLABBERMOUTH.NET - South Texas Rock Fest footage, May 2009

BLABBERMOUTH.NET - Rods to film DVD at The Haunt, April 2009 

Classic Rock - Issue 128, February 2009


Rods at Headbangers Open Air (Germany), July 2009 - pix courtesy of Gerrie Lemmens (Holland)

Rods and Skid Row at TK99's Hump Day Concert Series, August 2009

Rods at The Haunt, May 2009 

Rods at South Texas Rock Fest, May 2009

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Rock Feinstein interview with Kat Walters on I100 - July 2013

David "Rock" Feinstein & Eric Blair talk Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, November 2012

Homemade Jam Radio Show on I100 - June 2010

Zsentient MetalCast Radio RODS Interview Show - May 2010

THE VAULT with Metal DJ Will on KNAC.COM Interview - Episode 9 - March 2010

DJ Dirty Diamonds' Podcast - February 2010

METALHEADRADIO.COM Interview - Episode 24 - February 2010

Nightmares with Malice Cooper Interview - January 2010

Fantalk Interview - January 2010

Interview with Joe Wyatt from WEOS (Part 1) - November 2009

Interview with Joe Wyatt from WEOS (Part 2) - November 2009

METALKAST Interview - iTunes podcast link to an interview (episode 106 from 12/10/09) that Rock and Carl did on "METALKAST" with The Rög

Metal Monthly Interview 2009 - Carl Canedy on "Metal Monthly Show" with Omar

September 2009 Interview - on "Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show" with Mike a/k/a "The Big Cheese"

May 2009 Interview - on "Pete's Cafe" with Peter Knight on WVBR 93.5 FM in Ithaca, NY

April 2009 Interview - on "Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show" with Mike a/k/a "The Big Cheese"

YouTube - several videos on Carl's page, plus do a search for THE RODS!